Chimney Repairs


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Chimney leaks and repairs can be quite awkward to repairs due to their position, we can sometime repair chimney stacks with out the need of scaffolding if it is a simple problem.

We are a prominent and well established roofing company with over 25 years experience in the chimney repair field and we offer extensive chimney care, repair and maintenance services.

We are accomplished and highly  knowledgeable in all types of chimneys and their care, from industrial chimneys to residential properties and we have the expertise to assist you.

We offer a first class service, whatever the project, and carry out a wide range of chimney care services such as re-pointing, chimney re-lining,  chimney removal, damage repair, design, re-build and restoration are just a few of the chimney care services we provide.

Damage from the elements or deterioration are some reasons why your chimney may be in need of repair and working chimneys must be correctly lined and be free from damage to ensure their safety and make certain that they are functioning correctly and without compromise.

So if you need some expert help or advice about your chimney care then call us today on 020 7205 5785 or 07914 701380.

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